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Furniture Restoration

Have your furniture sympathetically nursed back to health by experienced and traditionally trained craftsmen

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Antique Furniture Restoration - Stanley Plane

Don't worry! Help is at hand.
Wobbly or broken chair •  Ring mark on your table • Chair that needs re-caning • Scratched your chest of drawers •  
Water damage • Veneer lifting • Missing inlay • Desk needs re-leathering • 
Springs gone 'boing' in your sofa • Need a French polisher • Your prized family heirloom just looking a bit sad…

We've been established for more than 75 years and with that wealth of experience, we can nurse your antique,
vintage and collectable 20th Century furniture back to health; from the very minor to complete restoration - and everything in between.

Not sure if it's something we would restore?

Don't feel embarrassed to ask.  If you're not sure what you've got, can't identify the wood, don't recognise the age or period -
don’t worry,  that's our job, not yours and we're very good at it too! We're here to provide you with free, honest advice. 
We'll tell you what it is, where it's from and whether or not it's worth restoring.  We really can restore most things -
you'd be surprised at the state of things we've been able to rescue. Contact us now and see what we can do for you.